Kokkola Industrial Park - KIP

The largest inorganic chemical industry ecosystem in Northern Europe


Kokkola Industrial Park (KIP) is Northern Europe’s largest ecosystem of inorganic chemical industry, where several companies leading in the chemical and metal processing industries operate. In the Park, there are 16 industrial / manufacturing companies and over 60 service companies, which support the core functions of industrial companies. Companies employ 2 400 people directly. Kokkola has grown into a strong chemical ecosystem and an accumulation of global businesses. Competence is reflected both in the process know-how of the Industrial Park and in the focus on training and high-level research.


Kokkola Industrial Park’s size is 700 hectares, thus nearly 1 000 football fields big industrial zone. The area can accommodate numerous operators, the service offering is high-quality and versatile. In KIP’s area, everything is ready: good roads, railways, business premises, land plots, pipe bridges, fiber connections, sewerage as well as a generous selection of other services and commodities needed by the industry from seawater to sulfuric acid and hydrogen. Moreover, a professional factory fire brigade and centralized security ensure the proper management of safety issues in the Kokkola Industrial Park.

Next to the Park, Finland´s biggest cargo port, Finland´s biggest transit port and Finland´s third biggest general port, the Port of Kokkola, is located. In the Port, there is a covered All Weather Terminal (AWT), the only one in the Nordic countries. The 14 metres deep fairway to Kokkola is now in use. 


In Kokkola Industrial Park circular economy’s and industry’s symbiosis has been common for decades. Saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” has been realized literally in the Park. Industrial companies in the Park implement the synergy between the company’s production process and the further processing of by-products arising therefrom. Thus, material and energy flows become more efficient and the amount of process waste can be significantly reduced. New ways of thinking are constantly being considered to promote and implement more efficient circular economy. Kokkola Industrial Park is considered to be the pioneer of the circular economy in Finland and throughout Europe. KIP is involved in, among others, a national eco-industrial park network project founded by Sitra.

~80 companies

2 400 employees

600 ships yearly