Kokkola Industrial Park´s Association

In the mid-2000s Kokkola Industrial Park’s companies started systematic cooperation through the establishment of the Kokkola Industrial Park’s Association (more familiar as KIP Association). The Association was established in 2006. The commencement was influenced by the changes which were expected when Kemira and Outokumpu left the area. The most important aspects of the Association’s operations are safety and environmental issues. Its high level guarantees Kokkola’s good reputation as a location for chemical industry investments. Additionally, the Association closely cooperates with local educational and research institutions regarding training and education matters. At the moment, there are 22 member companies in the Association. The Association can accept as a member an entity with a legal capacity which agrees with the purpose of the Association and carries out its activities in the Kokkola Industrial Park. Members are approved by the Association’s board upon application.

The core activities of the Association are:


The term of office of the Board of Directors of KIP Association is the time between the annual meetings. The Annual General Meeting (last held on 17.3.2022) elects the members of the Board and the Chairman. The structure of the Board is as follows:


There are six active networking groups under the Association. The members of the working groups consist of KIP Association member companies’ experts. The working groups are:

The aim of the working groups is to support the core activities of the Association, thus to promote cooperation between businesses in the Park, to create synergies and thereby efficiency in the functions. Moreover, the working groups operate as brilliant communication channels within the Park. The activities of working groups contribute to the initiation of processes in the companies located in the area.


KIP Association is the only Finnish and Nordic countries’ member involved in a Europe-wide organization called European Chemical Site Promotion Platform. ECSPP’s purpose is to support and sustain cooperation and communication between different European chemical industry technology parks, aiming to market Europe to foreign investors.