Kokkola Industrial Park - KIP

Kokkola Industrial Park – KIP is located in the district of Ykspihlaja, approximately five kilometers northwest from the city center. KIP’s size is 700 hectares. In the area, 16 manufacturing companies and over 60 service companies operate. In total there are almost 80 organizations and they employ altogether 2 400 people. Service companies offer a selection of products and services to support core operations in the Park production facilities.

KIP’s companies access several market areas and many different indicators confirm their leading position in the world. Production facilities are mainly international and a great share of their production is exported all over the world. Location of the Port of Kokkola in the Kokkola Industrial Park is a major factor in supporting the export industry. Behind the Park’s success, there is a strong, decades-long cooperation and living in so-called industrial symbiosis. Many levels of different synergies, such as utilization of process industry’s side streams, centralized service production, and the joint development of business culture especially around EHSQ (environment, health, safety, quality), have been established between companies.

Park’s infrastructure is comprehensive and high-quality. Pre-planned land plots, business premises, and good internal road network are offered. Park’s infrastructure is completed by a generous commodity supply (e.g. energy, water, district heating, compressed air), which is almost self-sufficient. Location of the Industrial Park is excellent. Kokkola is located by the main road and the rail network extends to the core of the Industrial Park. The Port of Kokkola has a 14 meters’ deep channel, Rail Wagon Tippler Terminal (RWTT) as well as All Weather Terminal (AWT). The airport is only 15 minutes away.

Industrial Park constantly needs a skilled workforce. Cooperation with educational institutions in the area is significant. In addition to training, the regional educational institutions have invested in research and development. Strong learning and research network has been established, covering, for example, different RDI environments and professors from, among others, chemistry, laser plating and software engineering sectors.

Kokkola Industrial Park strongly believes in the future as evidenced by investments made and planned in the Park as well as almost continuous recruitment of employees.

KIP – the area full of possibilities!


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~80 companies

2 400 employees

600 ships yearly

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